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We are currently living in a digital era where everything is online and news is no way exceptional. Audiences prefer to get news updates via smartphones and desktop these days.
We at Perambalur Website Design Company web development, provide Custom News Web Portal Design and Development Services including News Website Application Development, Existing News Website redesigning, and News Portal Maintenance/Support.

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What is a News Portal?

News portal is a platform, primarily web-based, that collects facts from selected authentic sources. It targets specific individuals and works to gain customers by providing credible and legitimate information, to aid their perspective. With time, simple web portals have advanced into complex portal structures that enormously facilitate buyer engagement and retention.

It consists of a customised website theme design that is really creative and includes some good features that allow smooth surfing. News Portal is an e-learning platform where one can share news from numerous categories, like administration, art, movies, music, market trends, technology etc.This news is updated in real time and is easily accessible. By the very nature of its online presence, it is location-independent and time-saving.It may include images,videos, blogs, etc.

Key characteristics of News Portals :

  • Allows you to create unlimited content categories, sub-categories and articles.
  • Ability to add content from frontend.
  • Content search function.
  • Review feature for articles and posts.
  • Full access to the administration.
  • Create a subscription model for Newsletters.
  • Sitemap for SEO and easy navigation experience.
  • Upload photos, videos or document files using the media manager tool.
  • Download or read document files directly.
  • Content archiving.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Users and users groups management feature.
  • Contact form.
  • Encourages Social Sharing.
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News- Website and Application Development

We design and develop your news portal based on your custom requirements. Integrate multiple categories like regional and international news, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and business news, etc.

Our News Website CMS (Content management System) helps news publishers to update latest news, press releases, articles, blogs, online polls, and other news related contents seamlessly. Also, we develop SEO friendly web solutions to top rank your news portal in search engine pages.

A team of experts by your side


Offer loyal readers the best user experience

Engage your loyal readers with exceptional content and seamless user experience everyday. Retaining existing readers and gaining new readers is only possible with a highly scalable responsive site. Increase your user engagement, loyalty and repeat visits by providing great experience to your readers.


Optimize advertising performance

Our news portal allows you to monetize easily with dynamic advertising and subscriptions platforms. You can easily integrate our website and mobile apps with networks including, Google Admob, and Facebook Audience Network. Which helps to deal with direct inventory from sponsors and advertisers.


Highly Cost Effective Solution

Experience the best in class news portal and web development services from our company. We develop powerful yet cost effective on-demand solutions for your online news portal.

Our Features Include

  • Contribute news articles, blogs, etc.
  • Customised News Portal and Website Development.
  • Integrating Content Management system.
  • Images and and Video posts.
  • Add/delete/edit features.
  • Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users and more).
  • Incorporated advertisement or banner.
  • News highlights.
  • Easily manageable administration panel.
  • Latest news updates.
  • Polls.
  • SEO.
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